Monday, November 18, 2013

Hear Our VOICE!

Dear Member,

Thank you for your swift and diligent response to our action email last week. Our combined voices sent more than 8,000 messages to the US Secretary of Education, NYS Commissioner, Board of Regents and state legislators to lobby for a call to action with regard to implementation of the Common Core.

Moving forward, please consider attending one of the upcoming SED-sponsored forums in order to continue this important dialogue. Recent public recognition by the Commissioner that testing of our children may be too extensive and Common Core implementation can be improved provides us with a great opportunity to continue to press our overall message: SED must be more deliberate and hear the importance of a clear and consistent message that is integral to any reform. With this in mind, we are offering a new campaign CORE to take with you to the forum:
  • Value input from parents
  • Order a one-year delay
  • Implement first, test second
  • Create improved, flexible testing
  • Expand professional development
You will notice that these five key points spell out the word VOICE; this is intentional. Our PTA VOICE must be heard and easy to remember. We stand for sensible measures that will help all children and families realize the promise of the Common Core standards.

Please bear in mind that these five key points are quite concise and meant to get attention. We have outlined with greater detail what the points mean just click here to access those expanded talking points. We ask that you carefully read this information that provides more detail, so that as you talk with fellow parents, attend local or regional forums, or individually advocate for children and families, your VOICE can be heard!

Check with your superintendent or local state legislator or Regent for information regarding participation and look for changes to be posted at:

Thank you for your continued support. 

Lana Ajemian President, NYS PTA
Reflect the past, Transform today, Inspire tomorrow! 

Click here to access more information and action tools from our website.