Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reflections on Governor's Budget and Upcoming Events

The Governor's State of the State and Executive Budget:  Last Wednesday, Governor Cuomo gave his State of the State Address in combination with his Budget Proposal. NYS PTA released a statement that evening in which we expressed cautious optimism with the tone of the Governor’s State of the State/Budget message which is much more positive than a year ago. 

Later in the week, NYS PTA Executive Administrator Rick Longhurst shared his analysis and how it connects to NYS PTA in our Advocacy Newsbriefs. 

While the governor’s education message in this week’s State of the State message was far less contentious than in past years, the fiscal proposals were a disappointment. Here is an outline of increases the Governor proposes for state aid to schools.
  • Basic Foundation Aid: $266 million of $4.3 billion currently owed to schools
  • Gap Elimination Aid: $189 million of $434 million currently owed. The remainder is proposed to be eliminated next year
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred for building, transportation, BOCES and some special education programs: $408 million
  • Conversion of struggling and some high needs schools to community schools: $100 million
  • Extending prekindergarten programs to three year olds: $22 million
  • Other grant programs: $6 million
  • Total 2016-17 proposed state aid increase: $991 million
  • Total increase proposed for 2017-18: $1.2 billion
In contrast, the NYS Board of Regents has recommended an increase of $2.4 billion and the Educational Conference Board (ECB), representing the larger educational associations including NYS PTA, has recommended an increase of $2.2 billion.
To read the rest of the article of what was left unsaid and the upcoming legislative challenges, click here.

We are Looking for Leaders

New York State PTA is seeking individuals interested in leadership positions for 2016-2017.
Are you interested in enhancing your PTA experience at the state level? NYS PTA brings together individuals throughout the state to realize our mission to make every child’s potential a reality, by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.
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Legislation/Education Conference Online Registration Now Open!

Mission Possible: Act Today for a Better Tomorrow 

NYS PTA offers its annual Legislation/Education Conference, providing current information on hot topics and long-standing issues on February 27-28 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY

Panel discussions and workshop presentations are conducted by education partners; health, wellness and child advocacy service providers, agencies and organizations; and members of the NYS PTA Board of Directors. 
Open to all interested PTA members, this conference offers specific advocacy training and ways of accessing resources that can benefit your local PTA and school community. For more information about the conference, click here

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The PARP Conference is Back and Online Registration Now Open!
Reading: Where the Adventure Never Ends 

For more information about the PARP Conference being held on March 19 at the Melville Marriott including keynote speakers and workshop information click here

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