Friday, August 7, 2015

NYS PTA Online Membership System

From time to time members of the NYS PTA Governance Team will be invited to be guest bloggers. This post is being provided to you by our NYS PTA Membership Coordinator, Sean Hannam. 

(Please be on the look out over the next few weeks for upcoming posts about the membership survey results and a separate post about the recently approved NYS PTA position papers.)

NYS PTA Online Membership System 
by Sean Hannam, 
NYS PTA Membership Coordinator 

We are excited to announce that Phase One of our new Online Membership System is nearly complete! It had it's coming out party at our recent Summer Leadership Conference and was greeted with much excitement and anticipation.

Guided by the feedback we have received from our members, this online system aims to:
  • help us to become more economical, ecological, technological and timely; 
  • provide units an easy, convenient and accurate way to maintain a roster of their members; and
  • provide units a single source to send information to their members via email and/or text.
We also expect that our Online Membership System will provide units the chance to:
  • gain and maintain members from areas that were previously under-represented, including out of town family and friends, local businesses and others in the community who may wish to become members, even though they may not necessarily be active members of the school community; and
  • send links to these prospective members allowing them the opportunity to show their support by becoming a member (and paying their dues) online without the need to attend a meeting or event in person.
Phase One of the Online Membership System will be available to units on or before September 1 – just in time to start off the 2015-2016 school yearTraining was provided to members during our annual Summer Leadership Conference, but for those who couldn’t attend, we also have training materials online at our website on our membership web page:
Support from the Region and State Membership teams will be available for any questions you may have that are not addressed in the resources provided on the website.

We understand that the move from traditional paper cards and membership lists is a radical change, but we are guided by the knowledge that it will help drive our association forward and reach even more members. This shift to online membership is putting us on the right path to help NYS PTA better serve our members and reach our goal of serving every child with one voice.